The company is managed by Jaume Soler Zurita (B.Sc. Environmental Sciences). He is interested in learning and working on everything related to the environment, as it is the first element that brought us where we are and which we owe a deep love and respect.

Dàurica has a specific set of co-workers in various disciplines, which provide professional advice and ensure the quality of our projects.

Below you can check the group of co-workers and clients with whom we collaborate, formed by freelances, non-profit organizations, public institutions and companies.



International Cooperation

Since 2006 we collaborate with the peruvian non-profit organization APECOINCA, located in the region of Piura, in the north of the country. This organization is dedicated to conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable use of natural resources of Peru, in one of the economically poorest areas. Dàurica brings its experience, advising and providing human and material resources that assist in the development of projects.

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